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Easy Ways to Incorporate Customer Feedback

Creating a great customer experience (CX) and fostering a customer-centric culture requires one important detail—your customers. Saying and believing that you care about your customers is nice, but it does little to impact your CX. When we talk to professionals about building a customer-centric culture or elevating their CX, we often ask them, how do they get customer feedback today? Are they relying on third-party review sites? Do they implore customers to stay on the line after a support call? What about email surveys?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the methods available to get customer feedback, and some methods are better than others at impacting the customer experience.

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In this article, we’ll go through the various ways to get customer feedback, highlight the pros and cons of each, and discuss which ones have the biggest impact on your CX.

What is customer feedback?
Customer feedback consists of the experiences, perspectives, feelings, and problems shared by the community that you serve with your products and services.

When customer feedback is done right, it’s the north star for your company. Customer-centric companies take customer feedback and use it to empathize with customers and make meaningful changes to their CX, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

According to Adobe’s 2021 Digital Trends Report, only 1 in 5 companies, that consider their CX to be mainstream, responded that they have “significant insight” into their customer’s mindset or friction points in the customer journey. Luckily, getting customer feedback can give you insight into these kinds of details.

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